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A boutique investment firm based in Funchal, Portugal with the objective to invest in activities that result in positive environmental impacts, predominantly on the African continent.

Creating a Sustainable Future

We have witnessed firsthand the immense potential of providing capital towards achieving sustainable environmental goals.  We have also learnt from experience that pursuing green investments while seeking attractive financial returns are not mutually exclusive.


Our goal is to create a double bottom line sustainable investment firm to source and provide capital for actionable sustainable developments. One of the ways we do this by investing in credible businesses and implementing projects that will have a direct and immediate environmental impact. Our aim is that the finance we provide will have a disruptive effect at scale, helping to drive change at sector or landscape level.

Investment Focus Areas

We invest in businesses and projects across various sectors, with a focus on:

Why Sustainable Investment?

Sustainable investing is about investing in the future, and acknowledging that companies which solve the world’s biggest challenges are best positioned to grow. It is about finding better ways of doing business, and creating the momentum to encourage more people to opt in to the environment we are working hard to create.

Ensuring inevitable change

on the African continent is for the better

We need to reshape our societies around a sustainable future to ensure we create a more inclusive tomorrow

Funchal Portugal

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